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Porcelain Veneers what i have to know?

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How long does porcelain veneer treatment take?

2 to 5 days is the time that the specialized laboratory takes to have them ready, it depends on the quantity to be manufactured.

How long is the dental appointment?

Between 1 and 2 hours is the average duration of appointments with the dentist, normally 2 appointments is enough, but it is better to have availability for 3.

How is the process to follow to have porcelain veneers?

The first appointment is to take measurements of your teeth, this can be done with an impression or with a scanner, these measurements are sent to the laboratory, they will start the production of the veneers immediately. The doctor will ask you for the desired color and shape, starting from a natural tone, up to BL1, which is the most intense white.
The dentist will save time preparing your teeth to receive the veneers, he will make a millimeter shave down of your teeth, only 0.3mm, this is necessary when making porcelains, since the veneers need a space to be able to fit.
After a few days, the laboratory sends us the porcelain veneers already ready to the clinic, there the dentist will begin to fix one by one, with a special cement that hardens with an ultra violet light, then he will polish any excess cement that may have left. That day you will wear a beautiful smile. Congratulations!

What are the advantages of porcelain veneers?

Porcelain veneers are much more resistant than composite veneers, they also last much longer 15 years on average, even longer if they are cared for with love.
Compared to dental crowns, porcelain veneers preserve the structure of the original tooth more, since they only require a shave down of 0.3mm.
Their appearance is more natural, which is why they improve the patient’s appearance and of course their self-esteem, you perceive that immediately.
They are resistant to stains and chipping, they are a material almost as strong as the original teeth, but of course you must take care of them.

What requirements must I meet to be able to treat porcelain veneers?

The vast majority of people are suitable for porcelain veneers, as long as your original teeth and gums are in good health, there should be no problem.
It is said that a patient is not suitable when he must first solve more serious issues in his mouth, such as extreme cases of cavities, inflammation or gum disease, in these cases priority must be given to the original teeth, since it is over them that they must fix the porcelain veneers.

What care should I have with veneers?

Nothing different from taking care of your teeth as you would take care of your natural teeth, constant brushing, the use of dental ceda is very important.

What foods should I not eat if I have porcelain veneers?

Basically do not eat hard things, do not try to break a bone with your teeth, do not do things with them that you would not do with your normal teeth, you must understand that nothing is indestructible and if you give yourself the task of breaking or damaging your porcelain veneers, possibly you will. Then better use common sense.

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