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The dental grinding treatment must be observed and evaluated by the dentist, not only must the size of the natural teeth be taken into account, but also the state of the root, the level of bone that the patient has and the quality of the tooth.

After observing all these points and that they are all in good condition, the dentist will talk with the patient about how the process to follow will be and what it consists of.


Dental grinding is done in order to improve dental aesthetics and the durability of natural teeth if they are already worn but have stable bone and root and for dental replacement with bridges and metal crowns.

The carving will be carried out in one session and before it a mold of the patient’s original teeth must be taken in order to then be able to place some provisional teeth that will then be left in place until the definitive ones are available.

The carving, as the name indicates, consists of carving the patient’s teeth and leaving small rounded stumps where the metal teeth with porcelain coating will then be placed and glued, although there is also the possibility of making the Zirconium covers a more resistant material, better aesthetics and more natural.

Carving is a treatment that is applied in patients who do not want to replace pieces with implants, in this case each case will be observed and the dentist must comment on the treatment to follow. Placing bridges or crowns.

In patients who, due to the dental wear caused by a very strong bite or bruxism, have gradually worn down the teeth, leaving them very small and with exposed dentin and for this reason suffer from sensitivity, in these cases it is chosen to place metal caps on all teeth to cover natural teeth and improve the aesthetics and bite of the patient.

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